About Ordering

  • You can go to the end of the page and fill in the form with your desired instrument.
  • You could also write us a direct email to daisy@mrpans.com with your specific wishes and we can see what we can do for you.

With every new purchase of a Mr.Pans handpan.

About Mr.Pans

The diameter of the MrPans is 56cm this is including the rim (53cm excluding the rim).

The weight of Mr.Pans is 8.4kg.

The price of the Mr.Pans changes between scales, amount of notes, bottom notes.

The Mr.Pans is made from stainless steel.

About transportation

We use a 58 x 46 x 58mm box with high-density foam protective layer to protect handpan.

We provide sea, rail amd air transportation. When shipped by sea and rial, it will take about 45~60 workdays, shipped by air, it will take about 7~10 workdays.

How to take care of Mr.Pans?

Yes, we recommend you to take care of your Mr.Pans and clean it from time to time! Use rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) to wipe it.

We recommended that the Mr.Pans be wiped down with microfiber cloth after each playing session. We also recommended that it be cleaned regularly, after that, we can use handpan oil to maintain handpan.