Marcel Hutter Handpan Workshop

Marcel Hutter Handpan Workshop

Music without borders, regardless of age
Use practical actions to go to a handpan appointment
It's glad that the handpan workshop was a complete success in Chengdu.
Let's enjoy and share the wonderful handpan workshop together!

Day 1
impromptu interaction


Day 2


perfect ensemble;
instrument exchange

The Last

The nice and good trip has come to an end, we had such a wonderful time together, which is unforgettable.
Looking forward to your next visit. 


As an important promotion channel for handpan instruments, handpan workshop can enrich the development of the industry and promote the popularity of handpan instruments. It is a great honor to have the opportunity to organize Marcel's handpan workshop in Chengdu! At the same time, we will also prepare for participating in the Austrian International Handpan event in August, so stay tuned for more exciting content.

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